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CrossRoads is a four year programme working to improve Uganda's road network and industry.

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Eligibility criteria


Key Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for funding, a project must:

  • Be targeted at improving the quality and efficiency of aspects of the road sector in Uganda
  • Involve a product, service, system or procedure that is innovative, and which does not duplicate existing initiatives in Uganda
  • Demonstrate a sustained impact and how results will last beyond the lifetime of the project funding
  • Demonstrate how potential negative environmental or social impacts will be avoided

Please Note: Applicants will be expected to provide between 5% and 50% of project costs, either through direct funding or through staffing costs.

What ideas is the Fund prepared to support?

Examples of projects that were funded through the first CCF funding round include:

  • Creating a network of 1,000 'Friends of Roads' as interlocutors between communities and road experts to promote road safety, quality and maintenance. The use of mobile technology for reporting road conditions is a key aspect of this project.
  • Laboratory-based scientific evaluation of varied Ugandan soil types stabilised and sealed with PROBASE technology
  • Integration of Vetiver Grass Technology (VGT) in road drainage, embankments, bridge stabilisation, and culvert stabilisation, as a long term technology to improve and maintain the quality of roads in Uganda.
  • Exploration of Rice Husk Ash as a potential alternative soil stabilising material

We will NOT accept applications for:

  • Contributions to on-going activities of an organisation or to expand these activities (ie. Project or Programme support. This is not Scale-Up)
  • Funds to purchase equipment
  • Funds to set up additional offices to create regional reach for an organisation
  • Funds for an idea or initiative that is already underway in Uganda

Who can apply?

The fund is open to organisations of any kind relevant to Uganda’s Road sector. It is not open to individuals.

Organisations will only be eligible for funding if they:

1. Have had an operational presence in Uganda for the last three years.

2. Can provide evidence of activities within the last three years related to the Ugandan roads construction and maintenance industry or related industries.

3. Have two years of accounts, ideally fully audited.

If an application is submitted by a consortia (partnership of organisations), then the lead organisation must fulfil points 1 to 3 above. The other partners will only need to fulfil point 3.

Ugandan organisations who meet the above eligibility criteria may join in consortia with international organisations that do not meet criteria 1 or 2 but can bring technical skills and experience to the partnership. International organisations must partner with a local entity in order to apply.

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